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WildStar (EU)

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Región Europa
Plataforma NCSoft
Género MMO
Metacritic Score 82
Idiomas Multi
Fecha de Lanzamiento No
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WildStar is a Sci-Fi MMO that combines stunning graphics that only add to an awesome gameplay experience. In WildStar, you find yourself on an extraterrestrial planet faced with exciting challenges and adventures among the remains of an advanced civilization. You are given total freedom to roam the world and play the game in the fashion you want, allowing all players to experience new depths of exploration and discovery!

WildStar gets players hooked with its gorgeous animated visuals, but there is so much more that keeps WildStar players addicted: A housing feature which allows players to own a plot of land and build on it and a fast-paced, action-packed combat system induced by telegraphs are just some of the features that makes NCSoft's title so appealing. Along with comical moments in the game's story, there is an ongoing component of mystery that makes WildStar a must-have title for all gamers.